Protecting people

“The health and safety of our people is a core value and absolute commitment”

Thierry Pilenko, Chairman and CEO

Our Organisation: maintain an absolute commitment to Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security (QHSES).

Our Clients: provide assurance of a strong value-based QHSES culture and social performance throughout our operations.

Our Communities: promote Human Rights principles in particular with our suppliers and subcontractors to protect communities

OUR ORGANISATION à Health and Safety

We are continually challenging and improving health and safety management to increase performance and set the benchmark for our industry. Preventing risks and encouraging wellness of our employees is one of our main concerns. Good knowledge of local health risks allows us to provide our personnel with the right information at the right time.

TRCF : Taux de fréquence des accidents enregistrables

Developing a positive HSE culture

Our Pulse program is one of the main ways we develop a positive HSE culture. It aims to create awareness of the challenges posed by safety, and of the human, material and financial costs of accidents. At the end of 2015, more than 50,000 people have attended Pulse sessions, ranging from senior managers and managers/supervisors to the general workforce and engineers. In 2015 Technip top management and executives conducted more than 12,300 management walkthroughs.

Protecting our people, anywhere and at anytime

Ensuring the security of our people and crews while operating in challenging environments is our security priority. We work to keep our people out of harm’s way by evaluating and preventing security risks while enhancing our ability to manage any kind of incidents, in an evolving international context. Travelers Handbooks for all countries where we operate are given to staff prior to any mission, and real-time security alerts are issued to inform travellers of changing security conditions worldwide.

OUR CLIENTS à Improving our environmental performance 

We work closely with our clients to help them improve their environmental performance, providing technological solutions to minimize energy use, water consumption and waste generation.

Among these solutions are the integrated Waste Management Center which optimises the monitoring, treatment, conditioning and storage of all waste streams generated during an onshore project and eco-design studies based on Life-Cycle Assessment.

Other environmental services are also provided through our different engineering expertise centers, such as Genesis which has developed services ranging from modelling environmental studies (underwater noise, oil spills, air emissions, solid discharges) to auditing and consultancy, in order to guarantee impartial evaluation of the impacts. 

OUR COMMUNITIES à Managing Human Rights’ Risks in the Supply Chain

On our construction sites, offices, fabrication sites and on board our vessels, our priority is always to protect the physical well-being of anyone placed under our responsibility. We apply a strict health, safety and environmental protection (HSE) Policy in conjunction with an uncompromising strategy of security adapted to a constantly changing international context.