Encouraging local development

At Technip, we pay particular attention to providing our workforce and local communities living close to our projects with good working conditions and opportunities.

Our Organisation: “Think Global, Act Local” by respecting culture and heritage

Our Clients: Grow local employment and competence by fostering training, technology and skills transfer

Our Communities: Contribute to community social and economic self-sustainability 

OUR ORGANIZATION - Technological and skills transfer among the Group 

Technip has developed centers of excellence for sharing tools and methods throughout the Group. For example, the Construction Method Center (CMC) is fully dedicated to developing new and innovative solutions to enable us to manage our Onshore/Offshore projects thanks to the most efficient and adapted methods and software. These are deployed among our teams, in any country or project where needed, and contribute to both technological and skill transfer.

While applying globally applicable consistent methods, Technip enhances its local capabilities and expertise. At least 80% of our employees including those in management positions are nationals. Over 118 nationalities contribute to the “One Technip” approach across the world. 

OUR CLIENTS - being closer to our clients with a strong focus on national content. 

We add value by supporting our clients, national as well as international Oil&Gas companies, wherever they execute their projects. This necessitates playing a key role in local employment and fostering close cooperation between operating centers in the context of specific projects and skills transfer. This raises our multicultural profile at the same time as broadening the expertise within the Group. 

OUR COMMUNITIES - Building long-term relationships with local communities

We consider local communities as essential stakeholders with interests, needs and expectations that differ from one place to another. In line with its Sustainable Development Policy, Technip encourages its operating centers and project teams to develop their own initiatives to support local welfare in compliance with applicable national legislations while maintaining the highest levels of ethics and compliance.

This philosophy has evolved in practice by the long-term presence in several countries including France, Italy, Norway, Brazil, Angola, India and Malaysia. These early Technip entities have naturally embedded national content and set a standard for the rest of the Group.