Developing people

At Technip, we are fully committed to all of our stakeholders including our people and business partners (e.g. subcontractors, suppliers and clients) who are at the core of our strategic development. Developing talents is paramount to deliver state of the art projects.

Our Organisation: support excellent Human Resources practices: talent development, knowledge transfer, diversity and inclusion.

Our Clients: increase local recruitment, retention and employee satisfaction and reinforce sustainability awareness and sense of empowerment among our people to deliver excellent performance.

Our Communities: encourage a sense of social responsibility by promoting and supporting volunteering actions at all levels in the organization, including retirees.

OUR ORGANIZATION - A multicultural Company whose diversity is a key asset  

Driven by its determination to be close to its clients across the globe, Technip has become a company which draws strength from the highly diverse cultures of the 45 countries where it operates. Women make up nearly a quarter of our workforce. Increasing diversity is embedded in all our talent management processes, from hiring to succession planning. 

Gender Diversity is a strategic business priority since our future success depends on our ability to attract and retain skills and talents. Tapping into the widest talent pool that includes an increasing number of qualified and competent women across the world is a real business strategy.

OUR CLIENTS - A global footprint with a local focus 

Technip never operates alone in delivering projects to its clients, and suppliers are vital partners to deliver successful results. As part of the improvement of the procurement practices, we continuously strive to consolidate our supply sources and geographic origins, while maintaining the highest quality standards and availability of strategic equipment and raw materials. In 2015, 51% (corresponding to approximately €1.87 billion) of our overall Global Procurement expenditure was certified to be sourced in the same country of purchase. This reflects our commitment to contributing to the national economies where it operates.

OUR COMMUNITIES à Developing local skills

We commit to national content by promoting skills transfer and the employability of local people including intergenerational knowledge transfer programs. In addition, we have entered into several long-term partnerships with universities in different countries such as Ghana.