Building a sustainable future

At Technip, we strive to continuously improve the long-term approach of our activities and ensure a responsible and positive contribution for all our stakeholders and the environment in which they live. Our key priority is to develop a close relationship with them in order to build trust and confidence through open dialogue and transparency.

Our Organisation: reduce energy and water consumption and enhance waste management and recycling systems.

Our Clients: promote and implement early focus on sustainability and innovation, eco-design, life cycle assessment, human factors engineering and environmental efficiency.

Our Communities: focus on future generations through health, education and wellbeing initiatives

OUR ORGANIZATION - Reducing our own environmental footprint 

To reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on climate change, we analyzed and identified the key environmental indicators of our activity in order to establish relevant and efficient greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets. We commit to reduce both our direct and indirect emissions by 3% by the end of 2016 for: 

  • The fleet consumption of fuel
  • The regional head offices consumption of electricity
  • The manufacturing plants consumption of electricity

These targets are supported by effective and efficient actions, and are subject to monitoring on a quarterly basis.

In addition, at Technip we encourage the passion and initiatives of our employees by rewarding every year the most innovative projects on several topics including sustainability, through the Jacques Franquelin award. Since 2000, 300 projects, on the four core values of the Group, have been rewarded. 

OUR CLIENTS - Providing innovative and sustainable solutions 

By providing solutions that are both innovative and sustainable, we respond to our client’s growing expectations and creates long-term added value for all our stakeholders. The innovations in Onshore, Offshore and Subsea proprietary technologies and project solutions contribute to reducing the impact on climate change and anticipate the new challenges that the energy world will face.

Technip is a leader in hydrogen and ethylene solutions and is also present in the increasing renewable energy market (biofuels, solar photovoltaic, carbon capture and storage and geothermal).

Our expertise is reinforced by our strong investment in R&D to anticipate the needs of a low carbon energy future. In this context, the Group develops solutions such as the Large Scale Vortex (LSV) Burners and Electrically Trace Heated Pipe-in-Pipe (ETH-PiP), both ensuring an exceptional environmental performance in comparison to traditional methods.

OUR COMMUNITIES - Technip Relief and Development Fund 

We respond to local communities’ needs and expectations through long-term development initiatives focusing on children’s health/education, adult employment and environmental protection as well as donations and emergency aid.

The Technip Relief and Development Fund, whose financial resources are provided by the Group, has two main objectives:

  • Support non-profit projects for the benefit of local communities in countries where we have a permanent foothold, especially those needing significant improvement in health or education. Technip’s employees are encouraged to submit initiatives in which they are involved. 
  • Support emergency missions and natural disaster relief through an annual donation to the Ready Fund (Disaster Preparedness and Response Fund); by matching individual contributions raised during internal fundraising campaigns to assist the victims of natural disasters like the typhoon in the Philippines in 2013 and the earthquake in Nepal in 2015.