Subsea Maintenance

Technip inspects, repairs and maintains offshore platforms and subsea equipment for its clients.These operations require divers or ROV intervention depending on the working depth or on the type of subsea structures. All of our vessels are equipped with the latest ROV equipment and technology available in the industry, utilising alloys adapted to ever deeper waters and demanding hyperbaric pressures.

A Fleet of ROV's

Technip's Remote Systems Unit (RSU) is responsible for the supply of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and tooling to support the Group's project activity worldwide.
We operate a fleet of 30 advanced workclass ROV systems most of which permanently installed on Technip vessels. All our ROV systems are high specification and come complete with rough weather handling systems.

Our ROVs carry out a subsea support services for our pipelay and construction activities.  The systems are customized to suit the full range of project activities and, on our premier pipelay vessel, the Deep Blue, the dual TMRV ROV systems are outfitted with powered cages and a pipeline touchdown monitoring sonar system.

All the new ships, including the Deep Energy, are fitted with fully integrated ROV systems including heave-compensated electric winches, hanger facilities with enclosed deck working and the latest 150Hp, 3000m rated, Triton XLX systems.  These feature greatly enhanced flying power, auto-station keeping, modern controls and comprehensive standard interfaces for all types of hydraulic tools and survey sensors.

Training School

Technip has made a significant investment in training ROVs and simulators. State-of-the art ROV training simulators are stationed in Asia Pacific, Brazil and the UK. Training capabilities are being developed and expanded in these regions.

Training is provided for ROV pilots, project and graduate engineers and associated project personnel. Our objective is to provide training and general familiarization on all aspects of ROV intervention. This commitment will ensure that our offshore teams are fully prepared for the execution of all deepwater projects

Diver Interventions

Diving, or manned underwater intervention, is an integral part of Technip’s subsea operations.  Divers are used for tie-in work to connect pipelines with other infrastructure on the seabed through a variety of techniques from flanges, to special connectors to hyperbaric welding.

In addition, Technip provides a range of Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) services to clients in order to ensure the integrity of their offshore installations. These IRM services are frequently diver-oriented and provided via Technip's fleet of Diving Support Vessels, which is one of the largest in the world.  Technip's diving operations are based on a common approach to diving across the company.

Technip’s diving heritage stretches back to KP Marine in the 1970s, through Stena Offshore, Coflexip Stena Offshore and Technip.  The company has been involved in diving for about 40 years.

In April 2014, Technip announced its ongoing commitment to the diving industry by investing in a state-of-the-art DP class 3 dive vessel and dive systems using modern PLC based technology.