Flexible Pipe

Technip offers a broad range of services in engineering, manufacturing, installation and retrieval of flexible pipe systems and the most advanced integrated solutions for deepwater and ultra deepwater field developments from design through to installation.

Integrated Production Bundle (IPB)

Free Standing Hybrid Riser (FSHR)

Flexible Pipe

Flexible Pipe Systems

Technip is the world leader in the design and manufacture of flexible pipe. With manufacturing units located in France, Brazil and Malaysia, the Group is the leader in providing flexible pipe systems for oil and gas field developments. 

Technip is the most experienced provider of integrated flexible pipe solutions and offers a broad range of field-proven products and services.

Thermoplastic sheaths ensure leakproofness and significantly reduce heat loss, providing the best solution for corrosion resistance and for high temperature hydrocarbons. Helically wound steel wires give the structure an excellent bending performance, allowing for flexibility during installation and operation. The combination of plastic and steel layers can be easily adapted to the diverse requirements of  subsea developments. Moreover, flexible pipe can be easily retrieved in order to be re-used on another field development (particularly in Brazil), or in case of decommissioning (in the British sector of the North Sea).

Integrated Production Bundle

Technip has developed the Integrated Production Bundle (IPB), an innovative and proprietary technology. The IPB allows for high-level flow assurance of hydrocarbon fluids in difficult conditions (viscous oil, deepwater, pressure constraints etc.) from well heads to surface treatment units. The IPB is a flexible production riser including thermal insulation layers, additional hoses for gas lift or other services, active heating through electric cables and fluid temperature monitoring with optical fibres. The IPB technology was first and successfully deployed on the Dalia field, offshore Angola, for Total, at a water depth between 1,200 and 1,500m. First oil of the Dalia FPSO occurred in December 2006.  IPBs were subsequently deployed in the Pazflor field, again for Total and had their first application offshore Brazil in 2011.


Technip pioneered flexible pipe technology in the early 1970’s and has consistently provided clients with ever –higher levels of reliability and quality, even in the world’s harshest and deepest offshore environments. Technip is actively engaged in maintaining its technological leadership through research and development units dedicated to each of the primary product areas.  In total, approximately 250-300 expert engineers are employed in the dedicated Subsea R&D units. The primary focus areas of R&D are Flexible Pipe Technology, Reeled Rigid Pipe Technology, Umbilical Technology and Deepwater Riser Systems.

Each unit is organised as a series of core discipline teams which allows for identification of synergies and technology transfer between the various units.  R&D units have played a key role in many of Technip’s successes in recent years, for example the IPB, Electrically Heated Pipe in Pipe and Free Standing Risers on the PDET and Cascade and Chinook Projects.  A number of exciting new initiatives are currently in various phases of development for continuous roll out to projects following a rigorous gate review process.

Riser Integrity Managment (RIM)

New field discoveries located in challenging environments have pushed the boundaries of oil and gas production. Operators must put  increased focus on their assets throughout the life of the field. In an industry going towards greater challenges and increased water depths, the monitoring of riser operational data has become a key parameter to ensure both optimal production and  the safety of personnel, equipment and environment.