Conceptual Design

To provide the best technological solution to a client’s specific needs at optimized cost, Technip’s involvement in a project begins at the conceptual design phase. Our expertise covers:

Modelling and Development

Technip has consistently recognized the development and use of modelling tools as a key for success and implementation of optimal solutions that satisfy its clients requirements.

Based on this long term experience and backed by numerous industrial references and feedback from operating plants, Technip offers to its clients its experience in the use of commercially available software, but also in-house developed modelling tools for all aspects of Plant design.

  • Steady State modelling using commercial software
  • Dynamic simulation using in-house tools
  • Depressurization studies using Technip’s in-house LNGDyn software
  • Flow assurance studies using state of the art simulation tools such as OLGA and CFD.
  • Energy analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling
  • Finite Elements modelling

Master Planning and Feasibility Studies

Basic Design Package


Technip has continuously developed and offered to its clients its own world class proprietary technologies for products such as hydrogen and ethylene, as well as in the fields of progressive distillation, cryogenic recovery and pyrometallurgy.

With hundreds of references in the applpication of  technologies proposed by most of the major Licensors, Technip has acquired an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a wide range of processes in refining, gas treatment and liquefaction, syngas and fertilizers, petrochemicals etc.

In addition, and through specific alliances, Technip has brought its engineering and construction experience to the Licensors, contributing to the development of optimized solutions for our Clients.

Thanks to long term relationships with major oil & gas companies, Technip has established strong partnerships, participating in the development of their own proprietary technologies and the elaboration of conceptual packages.