Onshore Pipelines

Since 1960, Technip has completed more than 160 onshore pipeline projects in over 40 countries. Altogether, this is a total length of 25,000 km with an aggregate contract value of US $13.5 billion.

Pipeline Systems

Technip builds pipeline systems for:

  • natural gas 
  • LPG
  • NGL 
  • crude oil and oil products 
  • water 
  • liquid sulphur
  • brine 
  • slurr 

The pipeline systems generally consist of the following components:

  • pipeline, including road, river, railway crossings 
  • pump and compressor stations equipped with electrical drivers as well as CCGT
  • block valve stations, scraper stations 
  • metering stations, pressure reduction facilities 
  • SCADA, telecom system including fibre-optic 
  • control center, maintenance buildings 


Technip, and in particular its operating center in Düsseldorf, Germany, is one of the world’s most experienced pipeline builders, with a reputation for completing projects on schedule even under most adverse circumstances:

  • extreme climatic conditions: very cold weather with snow in Russia; deserts with extreme heat and sand storms in the Middle East; monsoons with heavy rainfall and high humidity in Southeast Asia. 
  • difficult geological situations: steep rocky mountains in the Alps and Andes; jungle and swamps in Thailand, Indonesia and Nigeria; deserts with huge sand dunes in Saudi Arabia and Yemen; and archaeological sites.

Technip has expertise in building pipelines with large diameters of 1,500 mm or more, applying the latest welding procedures for high tensile steel (X80, X100), and complying with stringent environmental restrictions by crossing large rivers with horizontal directional drilling.