Gas Monetization

For close to fifty years, Technip has been a leader in providing  conceptual design, engineering and construction services for  the gas industry . Based on the latest technologies, our process designs provide energy-efficient and cost-optimized solutions for any gas monetization requirements including:

Liquefied Natural Gas

Yemen LNG

Ningxia Hanas LNG Plant

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Technip is leading the engineering, procurement, supply, construction and commissioning of Yamal LNG, an integrated facility for natural gas liquefaction that will have an annual production capacity of 16.5 million tons in three LNG trains. It will be based on the resources of the South Tambey gas condensate field located on the Yamal Peninsula. The plant will be fully modularized.

Between 2004 and 2010, Technip, in joint venture, delivered the world's six largest LNG trains (7.8 Mtpa each) through EPC contracts with Qatargas II (Trains 4 and 5), RasGas III (Trains 6 and 7) and Qatargas III and IV (Trains 6 and 7). These projects allowed Qatar to become the world’s largest LNG producer with some 77 Mtpa.

Also in the Middle East, Technip through its Yemgas joint venture, completed a major lump sum turnkey contract with Yemen LNG Company Ltd (YLNG) for the country's first LNG plant. Trains 1 and 2 of YLNG started production respectively in October 2009 and April 2010 and have been producing steadily ever since.

In China, Technip is executing several mid-scale LNG projects following the successful completion of the two train Ningxia Hanas plant in Yinchuan, in 2011.

Historically, The Group was a pioneer in the liquefaction of natural gas (LNG), building the very first base-load LNG plant in Arzew, Algeria in the early 1960's, followed a few years later by the construction of the plant in Skikda, Algeria, in which a process using two mixed refrigerants was applied for the first time.

Having developed and licensed liquefaction process technology for thirty years, Technip brings knowledge and conceptual design capabilities that are unique among engineering and construction companies involved in LNG.
Technip has been proposing Air Products liquefaction process technology since 1994.


LNG Reception Terminals

Technip has experience in the complete range of services for LNG receiving terminals:

  • Conceptual design studies, including terminal siting
  • Design services for permitting activities
  • Front-End Engineering & Design
  • Detailed engineering, procurement and construction.


LNG Marine Transfer Systems

Technip, in association with key partners, has developed a suite of solutions for offshore LNG that enable  new and more cost-effective marine terminal facilities:

  • Compliant transfer systems
  • Cryogenic rigid Pipe-in Pipe for onshore and subsea projects
  • Heavy duty cryogenic flexible hose with both aerial and floating options.

To learn more about Technip technology for LNG marine transfer systems : Marine LNG transfer solutions.



Floating LNG

Floating LNG places gas liquefaction facilities directly over the gas field, eliminating the need for long distance pipelines and extensive onshore infrastructures.  This innovative alternative to onshore LNG plants provides a commercially attractive approach to the monetization of remote offshore gas fields.

Floating LNG solutions integrate elements from all of Technip’s core business expertise: LNG process, offshore facilities and subsea infrastructure – giving Technip a unique position in this emerging market.

Learn more about Technip’s capabilities in Floating LNG.


Gas to Liquids

We are one of the few contractors with experience in large GTL facilities. We have unique experience of delivery of plants using Sasol’s “Slurry Phase Distillate” technology through the Oryx project in particular. As a consequence we established an alliance with Sasol in 2013 for front-end engineering services for future Sasol GTL projects.

The Sasol alliance enables the strenghening of the long-standing relationship between the Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology center in Boston, Massachusetts, with Sasol Technology for hydrocarbon synthesis technology section.

Through this office, Technip has provided front-end engineering design for the Fischer Tropsch section of more than 60% of commercial CTL and GTL capacity worldwide.


NGL recovery

 Technip can offer its experience from many NGL recovery projects to provide both open-art and proprietary low temperature schemes that rely on mechanical refrigeration, Joule-Thomson expansion or turbo-expanders.

These processes can be used to recover C2, C3, C4 and C5+ hydrocarbons from natural gas as well as from petrochemical or refinery off-gases.

To provide our clients with in-house designs that offer enhancements in performance when compared to conventional cryogenic processes used for NGL recovery, Technip has developed its Cryomax® processes.

Today’s Cryomax® suite answers the needs for improved processes as the gas market develops and new demands arise:

  • High ethane and propane recovery rates
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Flexible ethane production to match steam cracker feed requirements with consistently high propane recovery
  • Taylor made schemes adapted to liquefaction, for example using a high pressure absorber
  • Organic sulphur (Mercaptan) removal.

The Cryomax® suite includes the following recovery processes:

  • Dual Reflux Ethane (DRE)
  • Multiple Reflux Ethane (MRE)
  • High Flexibility Ethane (Flex-e)
  • Dual Column Propane (DCP)
  • Cryomax® LNG

Cryomax DCP - Dual Column Propane Recovery
Cryomax MRE - Multiple Reflux Ethane Recovery


Gas Treatment

Technip is specialized in the design and construction of world scale gas treatment complexes and has executed:

More than 50 plants for the removal of carbon dioxide and sulphur components from natural gas using chemical or physical solvents

More than 100 gas processing and sulfur recovery plants

More than 10 large capacity gas treatment complexes (capacities: 400 million to 1.5 billion SCFD)

The world’s largest sulfur recovery complex (10,000 tons/day) in Russia.

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Gas sweetening technology
Technip offers a wealth of knowledge of gas sweetening processes, in particular those based on the use of an amine solvent. Processes can be designed around generic solvents and proprietary solvents including UCARSOL (Dow Chemicals), GAS/SPEC (Ineos) among others. Technip has access to most licensed processes including HiLoadDEA, MDEAmax and energizedMDEA (Total/Prosermat), aMDEA (BASF), Amine Guard FS (UOP) and Sulfinol or ADIP (SGS).

Sulphur recovery technology
Technip ranks among the top contractors in the field of sulfur recovery units installed in refineries or natural gas processing plants. Our reference units range from 5 to over 2000 tons per day. Thanks to long-term experience in the field of sour gas processing, the Group  is capable of providing support to clients for the overall evaluation of the gas sweetening/sulphur recovery chain and the selection of the optimum technologies.