With over 400 large fertilizer complexes or integrated units successfully completed in some 40 countries, Technip offers its clients a unique combination of experience and expertise based on extensive knowledge of their market and technical expectations, whatever the production conditions. Expertise from mine to crops Technologies Test work Services

Dorr-Oliver FluoSolids® Systems

UCEGO® - Vacuum table filter

History and Background

Technip has been is active in Fertilizers for decades through proprietary know-how and in association with leading technologies and the most reputed worldwide licensors.

Through the acquisition of KREBS-SPEICHIM in in the 1990’s Technip substantially improved its position adding  a first-class proprietary Phosphoric Acid technology and consolidated experience in Sulfuric Acid and Fertilizer plants.

Range of Products

Technip offers processes that cover a full range of fertilizer products including acids, single nutrient and multi-component fertilizers.



Expertise from Mine to Crops

Technip has an unparalleled position,  serving the industry all along the value chain from the mine to the finished product, from the masterplan through to delivery of EPC projects:

Geology and Mining

  • Drillings definition, Modelisation of deposit, resource-reserve study including mining plan and phasing. Open pit /underground mine.


  • Intimate understanding of rock behaviour as an interface between mine and process chemistry
    • Phosphate rock and Potash characterization
    • Laboratory tests up to pilot tests,
    • Process definition and plant design

Sulphuric Acid

  • Six decade of experience in Sulphuric acid plants
  • Member of the MECS club of licensees

Phosphoric Acid and Phosphate Fertilizers

  • Leading technologies covering all the Fertilizer industry.
  • Tailor made phosphoric acid units for high and low grade phosphates
  • Pilot testing for phosphoric acid and fertilizers 


  • Technip is an established member of the Ammonia and Urea Clubs of Contractors and has gained  a deep know-how and expertise in the CAPEX/OPEX optimization of overall Ammonia/Urea complexes



  • Open pit or underground mining


  • Open source for Technologies


  • Dorr-Oliver Fluosolid proprietary technology

Sulphuric acid

Licensed processes by MECS :

  • Sulphur Burning plants
  • Metallurgical plants
  • Single or Double Absorption/Conversion
  • Spent Acid Regeneration
  • SULFOX Wet Acid Process (from H2S)
  • Oleum
  • MECS HRS System 

Phosphoric acid

  • Proprietary technology for Di-Hydrate Process
  • Proprietary UCEGO® Filter
  • Collaboration with YARA for Hemi-Hydrate Process
  • Very large capacity concentration units



Urea Synthesis

  • SNAMPROGETTI for Synthesis

Urea Granulation

  • UFT

Nitric acid

  • GPN

Ammonium nitrate


Phosphate fertilizers

  • Most reputed granulation technologies (GPN, INCRO, JACOBS) have been implemented by Technip in a number of units worldwide.
  • Standard pre-neutralizer reactor, single pipe or double-pipe process configurations.
  • Technip’s refernces cover all the different types of granulated phosphate fertilizers (i.e. MAP,DAP, NPK, GTSP/GSSP)


Test Works

Technip has  wide experience in this field through R&D, licensing and engineering activities including a huge database for phosphate testworks

  • More than 1300 pilot tests performed (~ 100, 000hours of production!).
  • More than 570 phosphates analyzed or tested
    • South Africa(71), Algeria (28), Australia (2), Brazil (42), China (61), Egypt (4), Finland (4), Gabon (3), Guinea (1), India (15), Iraq (10), Israel (44), Jordan (127), Kazakhstan (8), Lebanon (2), Mauritania (5), Morocco (409), Nauru Island (2), Pakistan (2), Russia (28), Senegal (60), Sweden (3), Syria (29), Tanzania (3), Tunisia (21), Turkey (2), Togo (118), Uganda (3), USA (211), Venezuela (10).
  • All the major known commercial phosphates tested and processed in industrial scale.
    • including Algeria, Florida, Jordan, Morocco, Senegal, Togo, Tunisia, CIS(Kola),
  • More than 80 units designed according to the TECHNIP DH process

This technique represents the culmination of the development work carried out since early 50’s by the various companies which have contributed to the development of the process.


Today Technip offers services from global strategic plans to commissioned facilities over the whole value chain, from mine to fertilizers.

This wide range of expertise allows us to offer:

  • Optimum technical and financial solutions combining aspects related to mining, beneficiation and fertilizers manufacturing.
  • Global services minimizing interfaces, shortening delays and decreasing the risk for clients.
  • Optimized full cycle project, respectful of local project  specificities and of the most stringent environmental and technical requirements.