Other Offshore Concepts

In addition to its established platform concepts, Technip teams are developing new technologies and solutions to unlock potential in future oil and gas field developments.

Arctic Capabilities

Offshore Platform / Facility Provider

Arctic & Ice-Prone Area Developments

As drilling activity and Oil and Gas developments move into more Arctic regions, Technip is developing the designs and design methods that will allow for safe exploitation of resources in ice-prone areas. Current designs have adapted Spars for applications in Eastern Canada, Northern Norway and the Barents Sea offshore Russia. These designs can either resist very thick sheet ice or can routinely disconnect and move out of the way of icebergs. Technip has a state-of-the-art 3D continuum model that analyses ice behavior  around, and calculates loadings on, fixed & floating platforms and artificial islands. We are currently using this model to develop a new shallow water platform design suitable for the North Caspian and other ice-prone areas near shore.


Barge Mounted Systems and Complex Processes

Barge mounted platforms can accommodate large complex topside systems. The Nkossa floating oil & gas processing platform incorporates LPG extraction within its 30,000 tonne topsides which are supported on a concrete hull. Similar barge mounted platforms can be grounded in shallow water near-shore locations such as estuaries and delta areas. This is also a potential solution for remote areas such as the Arctic.


TPG 500 Monopod

Based on the proven TPG 500 concept, the monopod platform is self- installing in a single marine operation (using 3 tugs) and suitable for topsides of up to 12,000 tonnes. The design incorporates 3 chords for unmanned installations (as shown) or 4 chords for manned installations (to provide an equivalent degree of structural redundancy to a conventional jacket).


Novel Concepts – TPG 500 MFC

The TPG 500 Multi Field Concept is a self-installing drilling and production platform with an integrated oil storage tank. The platform is designed to develop a series small oil and gas accumulations moving from one field to the next.


TPG 500 Trussdeck

The TPG 500 Trussdeck is a conventional integrated deck topsides with TPG 500 legs, installed by a transportation barge. The entire platform is installed in a single marine operation and offshore hook-up and commissioning is minimized.


FPSO Jackdeck

The FPSO Jackdeck is an elevating system for installing mega topside modules (of up to 15,000 tonnes) on to FPSO hulls. This method accelerates the build schedule of large FPSOs by eliminating the multiple lift and hook-up of small modules on the FPSO hull deck.



The Decommissioning, Salvage & Installation Vessel (DSIV) is a multi-purpose offshore construction vessel. It has a catamaran configuration with an adjustable distance between barges and a rear gate enabling it to envelope a conventional jacket and install or remove large topsides up to 25,000 tonnes. The DSIV can also install large topsides onto floating structures such as Spars, and can install fully assembled offshore wind turbine structures.