Floatover Operations

Technip is a world leader in floatover operations, for the installation of large topside decks onto fixed or floating platforms. Technip performs all engineering associated with the floatover operation and supervises the marine operation. The floatover operation enables large integrated topside to be installed, thereby minimising offshore hook-up and commissioning, without the use of large crane vessels.

Wheatstone Gas Processing Platform

Offshore Platform / Facility Provider

Fixed Platforms

Technip pioneered the floatover installation of large topside integrated decks in the long period swell conditions offshore West Africa. To overcome barge heave motions in this region, Technip developed the Unideck® system of hydraulic jacks which can set the deck down rapidly and prevent repeated shock loadings (that would occur with ballasting alone). To-date we have installed 4 large integrated decks offshore West Africa (up to 18,000 tonnes) using the Unideck® jacks and over 16 floatover operations onto fixed platforms in total worldwide. Technip recently executed the FEED for Chevron’s Wheatstone development offshore N.W. Australia. This major gas development will involve a high airgap floatover installation of one of the world’s largest topsides, at around 35,000 tonnes.

Floating Platforms: Semi-Submersibles

In addition to designing the topsides for three Petrobras deepwater production semis for deployment offshore Brazil, Technip was also responsible for the engineering and supervision of the topside installations by floatover. The three projects, P51, P52 & P56 represent the largest topsides floatovers onto semi hulls in the world with topside weights in excess of 30,000 tonnes.

Floating Platforms: Spars

In order to install a Spar platform topside using the floatover method, a catamaran configuration with dual barges is required. Technip installed the Kikeh platform topsides using this technique in open waters off Malaysia. Technip has developed the twin barge floatover method so that it can also be used to install large Spar topsides in the Gulf of Mexico.