Fixed Platforms

Technip designs, constructs and installs, fixed platforms for the production and processing of oil or gas in shallow waters. The Group is well-positioned within this market and holds proprietary technologies for shallow water environments.

Offshore Platform / Facility Provider

Large Conventional Platforms

Technip has a long track record of designing conventional piled jackets, often for platforms where the topside is installed by a floatover operation (eg Carigali’s Cakerawala platform in S.E Asia and Exxon’s East Area platform in West Africa – both with 18,000 tonne topsides). Recent awards include an EPCM contract for the first offshore gas platform in Venezuela for PDVSA and an EPCI contract for new platforms and upgrades/refurbishment of existing offshore platforms for KJO’s Khafji field in the Persian Gulf.

Small Conventional Platforms

Technip, through its regional operating centers has designed a number of small minimum facility type fixed platforms (with topsides of ca 600-2,000 tonnes), mainly for the Far East, North Africa and UK markets.



Gravity Based Structures

Technip has designed steel Gravity Base Structure (GBS) platforms for Petronas’s Magtymguly platform and Chevron’s Wheatstone platform (with a 35,000 tonne topsides) both with floatover topsides.



Large Self-Installing Platforms - TPG 500

Technip has designed the 3 largest self-installing TPG 500 production jack-up platforms in the world with topsides weights of 17,000 tonnes (Harding), 30,000 tonnes (Elgin) and 20,000 tonnes (Shah Deniz). The TPG 500 is suitable for large production and drilling platforms in water depths of up to ca 500ft (150m). The ability to self-install a platform (using just tugs) with large integrated topsides, minimizes offshore hook-up & commissioning. Foundation options include spud cans (including self piling if required), suction embedded skirt cans or an oil storage base.

Small Self-Installing Platforms

Technip through its subsidiary Genesis Oil & Gas (with subcontractor SPT) performed the EPCI delivery of two small self-installing platforms for Burlington Resources in the East Irish Sea.



Artificial Islands

Technip has experience of designing facilities located on artificial islands. Artificial islands can be used in shallow water depths up to a maximum of around 30m. They are typically used in the Middle East and shallow water ice-prone areas such as the Northern Caspian Sea and the Arctic.