World-class R&D centers

Our network of research centers and experts is situated close to the operational reality of our projects in the different regions. At the same time, expertise developed in one region is often used in another. Through our R&D centers, we optimize design and execution of our technologies. Our R&D teams are the driving force behind our track record of successful innovation. Imagine the future, create a difference, and deliver success for our customers. This is what we expect from our R&D teams to take technology further at Technip.

Innovation and Technology Center (ITC) – Rueil Malmaison, France

Based in Rueil-Malmaison, France, near our headquarters, the ITC is a central hub for the management of subsea technology developments.


Its vocation is to centrally manage Technip’s technological development, and to coordinate all relevant Research and Development (R&D) centers and regional entities.

  • Anticipating the future of subsea industry
  • Ensuring that our R&D programs are structured and aligned with our regional business objectives and strategic market orientations.
  • Creating an environment fostering innovation

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Technip’s Innovation & Technology Center
43/45 Boulevard Franklin Roosevelt
92500 Rueil Malmaison – France
Tel: + 33 1 49 01 84 00


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Product Engineering Division (PED) – Le Trait, France

The aim of the Product Engineering Division is to develop products (flexible pipe & umbilicals) and industrial equipment and to consolidate the technical know-how and the flexible pipe expertise of the products.


This center is composed of:

  • a material laboratory
  • a dedicated workshop
  • a test center

It also ensure technical assistance and project engineering support, and development of monitoring and inspection technologies.

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Product Engineering Division
Rue Jean Huré - BP7
76580 Le Trait - France
Tel: +33 (0)2 35 05 50 00
Fax : +33 (0)2 35 37 49 60
Email :


meters water depth testing has been realized on flexible pipes

Innovation and Technology Center – Rio de Janeiro / Viana, Brazil

Technip’s Innovation and Technology Center in Brazil is focused on attending future needs of the subsea exploration Brazilian market, including pre-salt challenges.


The center is divided between two locations:

  • Technip in Rio’s R&D center (CIT) is located in Rio de Janeiro and received a showroom presenting some scale models of flexible pipes and vessels.
  • Attached to the CIT, the Flexibras Technological Center (Viana, Espirito Santo) is equipped to perform mechanical tests (static and dynamic) to enhance flexible pipe performance.


center in 2 locations to innovate, develop and qualify solutions for the subsea fluids transportation.

Umbilical Research & Development Center – Newcastle, UK

This center provides the means to carry out engineering, research, development and qualification testing of new materials and technologies in support of the Groups subsea technology portfolio.


Thanks to a dedicated R&D team, the center is focused on umbilical innovation and developing technology solutions. The Umbilical Research & Development center gathers R&D capabilities in:

  • steel tube
  • cables
  • hose
  • umbilicals

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Walker Riverside
Nelson Road Walker
NE6 3NL - United Kingdom


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Hybrid riser center – France

SEAL ENGINEERING is a front end engineering and research and development company, specializing in subsea architecture and studies.


SEAL ENGINEERING has developed comprehensive portfolios of hybrid riser designs for deepwater, which have been analysed for various West of Africa, Brazil and Gulf of Mexico applications.

It is experienced in design of all elements of the production system from the mud-line to the host facility riser hang-off, from concept screening to installation.

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19 avenue Feucheres
30 000 Nîmes – France
Tel: +33 4 66 36 90 61


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Ethylene and hydrogen centers of expertise - US, India and The Netherlands

Within Technip, Hydrogen Technology centers are active in the licensing of hydrogen technology and the design and implementation of hydrogen generation units.


Technip’s Hydrogen Product Line organization is responsible for the Hydrogen technology development and maintenance.

3 main centers for Ethylene and Hydrogen:

  • in Claremont, California, USA
  • in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
  • in New Delhi, India

Group’s centers of Ethylene and Hydrogen expertise supported by a global engineering, procurement and construction network, contribute to Technip's leadership in terms of experience and resources, making it the partner of choice for any ethylene and hydrogen project.

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The Netherlands
Technip Benelux B.B.
Tel: + 31 79 3293 600
Fax: + 31 79 3293 700


Technip USA Corp.
Tel: + 1 909 447 3600
Fax: + 1 909 447 3700


Delhi Operating Center
Technip Tower - A - 4, Sector - 1
Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh - India

Onshore process development laboratory – Weymouth, US

The laboratory is developing and testing technologies in a range of applications including plastics, fuels & emerging green technologies.


A laboratory at the forefront of many of today's advances in the petrochemical & refining industries, where new technologies are demonstrated and continuous improvements to the Badger technologies are developed and proven.

The Weymouth lab houses pilot plants that provide proof-of-concept for technology developments prior to commercialization and has played an instrumental role in developing Badger's technologies.

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Weymouth Research Center
56 Woodrock Road
E. Weymouth, MA 02189 USA
Tel: +1 781 340 2901


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