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Innovating and developing new technologies is one of the main ways Technip helps clients to push forward frontiers with reliable solutions and expand their production capabilities. Everyday, we develop, design, integrate and market a wide range of technologies to complement and expand our offerings.

Electrically Trace Heated Pipe-in-Pipe (ETH-PiP)

A new generation of Pipe-in-Pipe technology, which optimizes field architecture, prevents or remediates fluid blockage and unlocks reserves.


ETH-PiP is a cost-effective solution that contributes to environmental protection mitigating the risk of leaks and significantly reduces the need to inject methanol. It increases the thermal efficiency of pipelines to keep the oil & gas flowing.

The world's first subsea implementation of the Group's pioneering rigid, reelable ETH-PiP was on Total's Islay gas field developement in the UK North Sea.

Technip is currently working on the second generation if ETH cables, to extend their use to longer distances.

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years for this field-proven solution


cable ratings

Carbon Fiber Armor

An exclusive technology for the composition of flexible risers enables to replace the flexible pipe tensile steel armors by carbon fiber ones: a much higher mechanical strength for a much lower weight.


This is a key enabler for tomorrow’s ultra deepwater application, offering excellent corrosion and fatigue resistance.

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less weigh than traditional flexible risers using this technology


industrialization of carbon fiber armours

Anti-H₂S plastic sheath for flexible pipe

A special polymer sheath that captures H₂S avoiding its diffusion into the flexible pipe annulus, preventing the risk of failures due to the corrosion and consequent releases in marine environment.


The anti-H2S layer is a leak-proof sheath made of a composite material which is placed between the pressure sheath and the pressure vault of a flexible pipe. The metallic oxide additives within the layer will chemically react with the H2S entering the "anti H2S" sheath after permeation through the pressure sheath. This reaction will act as a barrier to H2S during all the service life of the flexible pipe.

This patented solution has been developed in collaboration with IFP Energies nouvelles.

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Integrated Production Bundle (IPB)

The IPB is a patented flexible production riser including thermal insulation layers, additional hoses for gas lift or other services, active heating through electric cables and fluid temperature monitoring with optical fibres.


This technology ensures regular flow in difficult conditions.

The IPB was first and successfully deployed on the Dalia field, offshore Angola, at a water depth comprised between 1,200 and 1,500 m.

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Dual Enhanced Surface Tubes (DIESTA)

Our DIESTA finned tubes technology for air-cooled heat exchangers improves plant efficiency and reduces construction costs while meeting stringent industry standards.


  • A revolution in heat exchangers.
  • A technology co-developed with the Wieland Group.
  • DIESTA designs bring big cost savings in services including gas cooling, clean fluid condensation and viscous liquid cooling.

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air-cooler field length reduction

CRYOMAX® NGL recovery processes

CRYOMAX® natural gas liquids (NGL) recovery technology is a family of cryogenic processes for the recovery of ethane or propane from associated or non-associated natural gases, or other methane-rich streams such as petrochemical or refinery off-gases.


  • CRYOMAX® is Technip’s trademark in NGL recovery.
  • It covers both open art and patented processes.
  • The experts and the development teams for the CRYOMAX suite of technologies are hosted in our Consulting Services and Technip (CST) organization in Paris.

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Ethylene technologies

Widely used in the production of consumer goods, such as plastics or polymers, ethylene is a hydrocarbon produced in petrochemical industry by steam cracking, i.e. transformation of hydrocarbons by pyrolysis above 820°C.


Technip is a world leader in designing steam crackers, from concept stage through construction and commissioning for both grassroots plants (including mega-crackers) and plant expansions using its proprietary technologies.

Technip provides a wide range of services to the ethylene industry. Since the acquisition of Stone & Webster process technologies in 2012, Technip is able to propose either former Stone & Webster ethylene technology or/and Technip ethylene technology:

  • Designing ethylene plants
  • Modernization and expansion of existing units
  • Proprietary Cracking Furnace Technology
  • Proprietary Separation Technology
  • Proprietary Equipment

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of reduction of CO₂ emissions within the past 20 years


years of experience in ethylene for Technip

In-service riser inspection system (IRIS)

Technip’s IRIS system is a remotely operated carrier that focuses on detection of defects on multi-layers products (corrosion, breaks and cracks) and flooding detection.


Technip’s IRIS system is equipped with different Non Destructive Techniques (NDT) to determine the integrity of a material, a component or a structure.  It is a first of its kind in the world and will allow to deploy and operate 3 different NDT technologies in parallel: ultrasonic testing, electromagnetic testing and X-ray computed tomography.

It’s an underwater non-destructive testing which offers advanced subsea inspection services and solutions.

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First year of IRIS development

Floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) unit

FLNG solutions have the potential to place gas liquefaction facilities directly over offshore gas fields, thereby precluding the need for long distance pipelines and extensive onshore infrastructure.


This innovative alternative to traditional onshore LNG plants provides a commercially attractive and environmentally friendly approach for monetisation of offshore gas fields. It enables operators to produce remote stranded gas accumulations in a cost-effective manner.

FLNG requires the integration of technologies from all of Technip’s core activities: LNG process, offshore facilities and subsea infrastructure.

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Mtpa - large production capacity


m3 - overall storage


A cylinder-shaped floating offshore drilling and production platform partially submerged that is particularly well-adapted to deep water by using top tensioned risers and surface wellheads.


The Spar is a low motion floater that can support full drilling with dry trees or with tender assist and flexible or steel catenary risers. It can operate as a FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading) with storage but also with full drilling facilities (or with tender assist).

Technip continues to develop the Spar technology with a closed centerwell configuration which allows for additional payload, and also by improving our proven delivery model with the business excellence process.

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Spars delivered by Technip out of 20 Spars in operation worldwide