Our Vision


What is Sustainable Development for Technip ? 

Sustainability is a reflection of the way our business is conducted in accordance with Technip’s core values. This approach is based on three pillars:

Our Organisation: Managing our operations in an ethical manner, placing the highest value on the safety and contribution of our people and respect for the environment

Our Clients: Providing our Clients with innovative technologies and sustainable, smart and cost effective solutions to meet the world’s energy challenges

Our Communities: Making a positive impact on the communities where we live and work

Sustainable Development Policy and Governance

Our current Sustainable Development Policy has been published in 2014. This policy focuses on the following key priorities:

  • building a sustainable future;
  • developing people;
  • protecting people and the environment; and
  • encouraging local development.

The Sustainable Development Board sets the strategic policy with regards to business sustainability and monitors progress. This board is chaired by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and comprises: two members of the Executive Committee (the Group Head of Human Resources and the President Onshore/Offshore), the Group Head of Sustainable Development, the Chief Communication Officer and an Executive Project Director.

Technip’s Board of Directors, upon the recommendation of its Ethics and Governance Committee, has nominated one of its independent Directors, Alexandra Bech Gjørv, to promote sustainable development and improve its integration at the highest level of the Group.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our commitment to sustainable development and to our stakeholders is to act as a catalyst for responsible and long-term growth. We know our stakeholders and promote permanent, transparent and long-term dialogue with them:

Our employees, through the development of their skills and the assurance of equal opportunities.

Our clients and business partners, by providing high-quality solutions that integrate national content.

Our suppliers and subcontractors, who are vital and critical partners in producing the benefits our client expect.

Our communities, by employing local people, relying on local suppliers and building long-term relations with the communities.

Our investors, by providing reliable financial and non-financial information.

Our shareholders, by promoting an active and on-going dialogue. To know more, please visit http://assembleegenerale2016.webzine.technip.com/

Professional associations, through memberships and involvement to share experience on topics including sustainability and to promote our technological excellence. 

What are the priorities for Technip - Materiality matrix 

We have engaged with a large range of internal and external stakeholders to understand their objectives and expectations about Technip. In 2014, Technip undertook a comprehensive ’materiality assessment’ using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 framework. This assessment helped us to establish the top long-term priorities that are now being integrated within our strategy.

Key performance indicators (2015)

  • Maintaining the Highest Ethical Standards

53: number of crisis management exercises

  • Meeting Stakeholders’ Requirements and Expectations

8.0/10: average grade of client satisfaction survey

8.6/10: post-delivery performance according to the client satisfaction survey 

  • Developing and Protecting People

20% of women in managing positions

0.15 Total Recordable Case Frequency

  • Protecting the Environment

1.6 kg of waste produced per man-hour worked

2.8 kg eq. CO2 produced per man-hour worked

15.9 liters of water consumed per man-hour worked

  • Encouraging Positive Impacts on Society

83.8% of staff in management positions are nationals

51% of the overall Procurement expenditure is certified to be sourced in the same country of purchase

1.4M Euros is the total amount of donations made by Technip entities