Our values take us further

Doing the right thing, Trusting the team, Encouraging a fair return for all and Building the future are the values we share each day internally and externally. 

They have ensured our success to the present and will take us forward. We are inspired by these values. Our industry believes in them. Our clients experience them. Every Technip employees are entitled to live them in everything they do, as a critical success factor of our growth.

Discover them in the short video below

Doing the right thing

Our conduct speaks louder than words. That is why we strive to always do the right thing wherever business takes us. That means not only acting transparently and keeping commitments, but also ensuring the safety of people and sustainable practices within the community and across the planet. Safety, ethics, security and respect always take us further.

Doing the right thing translated in behaviors:

  • Acts with the highest standard of honesty, integrity and fairness
  • Complies with the letter and the spirit of Technip standards and charters
  • Takes all proactive and corrective actions related to Health, Safety, Environment and Security

Trusting the team

You already know the feeling that comes from joining together successfully to solve a major challenge. Our ability to combine talents and deliver success makes us unique. We value diversity, and have passion and true belief in each person’s contribution. It is the trust and confidence between team members and between teams that take us further.

Trusting the team translated in behaviors:

  • Motivates and empowers others to achieve common objectives
  • Takes the opportunity to build diverse teams and values their varied approaches to work
  • Fosters cooperation and transparency across teams, functions, segments, entities, countries and regions

Encouraging a fair return for all

We believe in profitable projects based on sustainable relationships. We seek to enhance our performance and share the benefits of every achievement with our stakeholders: clients, employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers and local communities. Fair returns take us all further.

Encouraging a fair return for all translated in behaviors:

  • Anticipates client needs and meets their short-term and long-term objectives
  • Encourages and supports other employees to reach their maximum potential
  • Sustainably shares the benefits of every achievement with partners inside and outside Technip

Building the future

At Technip, we are building the future through today’s most ambitious energy infrastructure projects. We are also creating the conditions that will generate tomorrow’s game-changing innovations by developing our people. Entrepreneurial attitude, quality, investment and anticipation are at the very heart of how we are taking it further.

Building the future translated in behaviors:

  • Builds expertise and fosters innovation to achieve professional excellence
  • Commits to excellence in quality and continuous improvement
  • Reinforces Technip‘s capabilities by mentoring others and transferring knowledge

Take is further is an attitude for everything we do

Take it further is our approach to business, partnerships and aspirations. It embodies our spirit and our outlook. It is the message we want to convey through our words and, above all, our actions. It is the essence of Technip, making us unique.

Take it further is about:

  • Excelling in what we do,
  • Succeeding together,
  • Exceeding expectations,
  • Innovating continuously

Living our values with take it further as a principle is essential. But to succeed, we also must be and act as One Technip.

T.Pilenko, Chairman and CEO

One Technip

One Technip means sharing the same vision, mission and values. It implies a sense of belonging and aims at smoothing out frontiers and internal boundaries. At Technip, we believe that combining strengths will empower us to be and act as a sole and unique entity. It will also enable us to be aligned in our behaviors and target the same objectives.