Joining Technip means that you can enjoy a career full of opportunities with continuous learning, many career paths, and the chance to work not only across the world but across the whole oil and gas value chain, from Onshore to Offshore and Subsea.

Whether you are in engineering, project management or support functions, you have a key role in ensuring that Technip’s global reputation for excellence is sustained and advanced, while growing personally and professionally.

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Working with Technip as an engineer - whether mid-experienced or senior - gives you real control of your career. We are global leaders in the energy industry and our employees are constantly exposed to ground-breaking and innovative projects across the world giving you the best possible environment for continuous learning, evolving alongside global experts and in the safest conditions. With us, you will have the opportunity to progress to larger projects and to become experts in a diverse range of fields.

Project managers

At Technip we give project managers all the opportunities and experience needed to progress in their career by being part of some of the energy industry’s most pioneering projects. Our position of leader in project management, engineering and construction in the energy industry means  that Technip employees are responsible for the successful running of large and complex projects all over the world, working with clients and colleagues from a huge number of cultures. Being motivated by stimulating issues is key and with Technip, you will be exposed to a culture that promotes personal development, mentoring, and the development of your leadership skills in order to solve these challenges. And as you grow with Technip, so will the scale of the projects and the responsibility you will have to manage them.

Technology specialists

As Technology specialists you want to work on world-class, industry-leading projects with the flexibility to add to your knowledge set as well as share expertise. With access to an elite network of individuals and experts, and our teams, which contain some of the most talented and innovative people in the industry, you will be able to combine with very diverse experiences. Working on the latest and most complex projects you will benefit from our technology and research centers ensuring you always remain at the forefront of technological developments in the industry. At Technip you will be valued for your expertise, recognized for the significant contribution you make to our projects and rewarded with a clear career path.

Leadership programs

For those who choose to develop their career in management, our leadership programs provide structure and support at key points; from managing for the first time to transition to executive level. Senior management plays a key role in the development of future leaders and has a direct input to our leadership programs. In this way we develop a strong leadership culture where employees are valued, engaged and can fully contribute to, and benefit from, our successes.

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