Development & Career progression

Developing our people

We aim to make learning and development an integral part of all employees' work experience while serving the needs of the business. To achieve this objective, Technip’s Corporate University is promoting and ensuring a common approach to L&D throughout the Group. Technip University provides training programs tailored to our employees’ career development and in-line with the evolution of our business and industry. Working closely with the Talent Management Group, Technip University also aims to develop leaders in all fields.

Project Managers development

Project management is the core of our business. That is why we are committed to continuously developing professionals in the Project Management job family through dedicated programs. This is in order to create and sustain a highly trained pool of project leaders. This suite of programs enables us to equip professionals with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to progress on their journey to becoming great project leaders.

Leadership development

We invest time and energy to develop current and future managers of Technip. We are committed to identifying our future leaders and developing their skills, as well as bringing leaders to executive capabilities.

Technical leaders development

Technip University along with local learning and development teams offers a wide range of training modules about the Group Products and Services as well as technical specialties, all aiming at developing Technip future technical leaders. In addition, an internal network of more than 600 experts has the mission of advertising and transferring our technological expertise. Its members are available to share and transfer their knowledge through Technip University or directly.

Career progression & mobility

Mobility is key to developing our staff, because it presents them with new challenges and the opportunity to discover new skills. This mobility reflects our One Technip approach by promoting cultural diversity in our working environment. Through mobility, our technical know-how may be shared successfully across the Group. It also creates a favorable environment to develop our talents by opening their minds to market globalization and intercultural exchanges, as well as gearing up their capability of adaptation and networking skills in order to prepare them for a steady career future.
Mobility can be geographical, functional and segmental.

Our teams are made up of people from various backgrounds and who have an international mindset. Mixing cultures creates a unique work environment where we all learn to be more open and to listen to others. International Mobility is an opportunity to enrich the professional and personal lives of our people - moreover of their partners and other family members - as well as bringing them close to our clients and operations.

Technip takes mobility further, giving our men and women also a chance to experience functional and segmental diversity. We expand the horizons of our people while increasing the possibilities for our business. You may wish to become a technical expert, a project manager or a team leader; to move from one segment to another, experience new challenges, etc. Technip offers you lots of opportunities to develop and build your own career path while serving the needs of our business.